Re: UP box cars

Tom or Gail Madden <tgmadden@...>

Tim wrote:
Ted Culotta has done magnificent new masters for
the UP B-50-17, and hopefully Martin will go into
production with those.
That's what it takes. Martin does lots of Santa Fe cars because Charlie
Slater makes lots of high quality masters for them. Frank Hodina's interests
favor the midwest. Martin's a fan of the MP/T&P/SLSF. (Although you'd think
that would make Martin a UP fan, considering Big Yellow absorbed those
roads.) Don't underestimate Tricia Lofton's input on what kits Sunshine
should do. She keeps a very tight rein on the business side of Martin's
operations, and a well-known CB&Q modeler says it's tough to get Sunshine to
do 'Q cars because Tricia says they have limited sales appeal.

Then there's the licensing problem for UP models, but that's not a subject
for this forum.....

Tom Madden

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