Re: how to harvest rivets

Tim O'Connor

You can draw with a fine, hard-lead drafting pencil on styrene.
Mark where the rivets go, and glue them by first applying a tiny
amount of Tenax (just enough for slight tack) and then put the
rivet down. (It can be picked up with a plastic toothpick
wettened with a little saliva.)

The first step after making hundreds of rivets from a donor
body, is to sort them out and select all the "perfect" ones.
It makes a huge difference if they are all the same size. In
S scale, and Athearn HO box car or tank car is probably a
great donor!

The problem is how to accomplish this. I model in S, and I can obtaining plenty of box car caarcasses for organ donation. Even in S, those rivets are darn small. If someone could describe an effective technique for placing them properly, I would appreciate the assistance. I suppose, strictly speaking, this has nothing to do with historic, steam era box cars. It does, however, have quite a bit to do with creating models of them.

Any help out there?


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