Re: B&O wagontop models

Don Valentine

Quoting Thomas Olsen <tmolsen@...>:

In regard to B&O wagontop covered hoppers, this class N34 has already
been offered as a urethane kit a few years ago by Central Hobby Supply
in East Syracuse New York under the West Shore Line brand. The kits
were #WSL-9501 at $29.95 each with the actual casting done by F&C. I
believe that Funaro & Camerlengo still offer this kit in their kit

This car class was also offered in Brass a few years ago by, I believe,
Overland! It would be interesting to see if someone would issue this
car in a high-end, quality kit.

My understanding, which was confirmed again yesterday, is that Banchline
still intends to do the B & O wagontop box once they get caught up with all
the Pullman cars. I think we all need a bit more patience. Frankly, I'd
rather see it done well by someone like Branchline than just done in a hurry
by someone else trying to make a quick buck.

Don Valentine

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