Experience with Tichy rivets, was how to harvest rivets

Rob Adams

The recent discussion about rivets leads me to ask fellow modelers for their impressions of the various Tichy rivets. I model in HO and have considered purchasing some, but had no idea whether they lead to any better results than can be produced with harvested "donor rivets". Because of how they are made (and intended to be used), it it strikes me that the process of drilling holes for the location of the Tichy rivets might potentially lead to better control over the placement, and hence a more precise rivet pattern. I'd also think that they would be more uniform once applied. Since I've not used them myself, and have done only a limited amount of work with rivets harvested from an Athearn car body, this is purely conjecture on my part. I'd love to hear any real-world experiences. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

Tim O'Connor wrote:

You can draw with a fine, hard-lead drafting pencil on styrene.
Mark where the rivets go, and glue them by first applying a tiny
amount of Tenax (just enough for slight tack) and then put the
rivet down. (It can be picked up with a plastic toothpick
wettened with a little saliva.)

The first step after making hundreds of rivets from a donor
body, is to sort them out and select all the "perfect" ones.
It makes a huge difference if they are all the same size. In
S scale, and Athearn HO box car or tank car is probably a
great donor!

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