P&LE gondola book

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Elden Gatwood asked me to pass this on due to a computer glitch on his end, sorry if it appears twice on your respective lists. I have a copy en route also, sounds like a good find.

Garrett Rea

Nashville, TN


I just received my copy of the P&LE gondola book by Jerry Gorzoch, Jack
Polaritz, and Joe Sparico. It is dynamite.

The book has sections on gondola's roles in the steel industry, early gons,
the P, McK & Y/P&LE USRA gons, long gondolas, and "Greenville" gons. Plus
there are photos of the P&LE's unique skid & cover cars. I've never seen
many of the photos before, and they show some details I've never been able
to find. There are a lot of unique photos.

There is a photo of the PRR/PC/CR 30th Street Yard in Pittsburgh that shows
a whole bunch of gons loaded with various raw materials and products of
J&L's South Side Pgh Works. It is gold. A modeler's dream. Although
outside of the era, the loads (and most of the cars) are common to most of
the period we are interested in, and very interesting.

I hope you pick up a copy, as it turned out to be a real bargain for all the
great info.

Elden Gatwood

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