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The new Milwaukee Rib Side Cars probably neither compete with, nor
complement the Sunshine offerings of the same car. Since the Rib
Side Car in plastic
will probably be sold in about 500 hobby shops from Southern
to Seattle and others not along the main line, and the Sunshine
are available in about 5 hobbyshops out of those 500, the plastic
will be the runaway seller, but there probably still is a market
the higher end detailed Sunshine kit.

Ron Sebastian
Des Plaines
Ron et al:

I just got one of these kits in the mail today. Looked at it quickly
when I got a chance to sit down around 9:00 tonite and look at it for
a moment. It "appears" to be a nice kit that yes, can be improved if
the modeller so wishes, or built as is. Looking at it quickly any
improvements appear easy to make for folks used to doing this type of
work and the instructions detail car numbers and details to use for
the respective series.

Now, not having drawings I cannot tell you if the car is correct in
all regards. This is the only rub I can find to the kit thus far, it
does have transfers, but no diagram on placement (a line or two in
the instructions on where some things go and what cars got what). If
anyone knows of any photos of these cars in revenue service in the
late 1960s, please let me know (off list to spare others please as
late 1960s = off topic) where to look.

I am sure that Ron will sell a lot off of his shelves along with
others. I hope this is the first of other MILW cars from this firm.

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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