Re: Revell PFE plug door reefer

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Tim O'Connor asked:
Has anyone ever seen this model up close enough to say
if some part of it represents a PFE R-40-26? For example
if the sides are good, I could toss the roof, ends and
floor and use Intermountain or other replacement parts.

I'd go along with Tony's advice on this one regarding an R-40-26.
However, Stan Rydarowicz has successfully used this model, though I
can't remember what prototype he used this for, and he hasn't written
this project up yet. At any rate, he's gotten surprisingly good
results out of several "junk" reefer models, including some URTX
reefers out of the Mantua "Heavy" reefer with Red Caboose X29 ends
and roof (Railmodel Journal, September 2001). I owe him a phone call
anyway, so I'll ask him about his Revell reefer conversions.

Ben Hom

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