Bob Webber <rswebber@...>

At the St. Charles show, I picked up a book entitled Railroad Film Directory, put out by the AAR in 1953.

One of the films is entitled "Loading of Motor and rail Carriers - Part I: Box cars".
The description indicates to apply at United World Films. It is an 16 minute sound b/w film that shows how to brace mixed loads and how to protect cargoes. Interestingly enough, produced by the US Army. (Another film is "Low-cost L.C.L. Handling).

United World Films is listed as being all over the country, with offices in New York, Chicago , Dallas, Hollywood, Atlanta, etc.

Other films include how to make steel, how to carry coal, how to handle peaches, or potatoes, or wines, etc.; pig iron; mining; Fast Freight, Freight Trains at Work, Freight Yards; etc. etc. - bottom line is an obviously interesting source of detail and information - and a likely frustrating search.

All of the sources at the time - whether railroads, AAR, or other distributors are listed. Over 250 films, dealing with safety, business, passenger ops, etc. I wonder where a first place to look for these might be? The AAR? NARA? Railroads themselves (UP has tons listed)? This is the 3rd edition, meaning, I would imagine, that films are updated as well as the listings, which would mean, I would guess, that older films might be tossed....

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