Re: Revell PFE plug door reefer

Richard Townsend

The greatest problem with these cars, besides the relatively crude detailing, is that the sides are not tall enough to accurately represent their prototype. The ends and roof are junk. One could replace the ends with the DW 4/4 end and put a new roof on, but the best you could say is this it would be a stand-in until someone brings out an accurate model.

I have used the sides from two of these cars, with a 50' overhanging roof and the 4/4 end to approximate a B&M milk car, but that's about the only use I have been able to make of them.

And don't pay $15.99 for one. They are always at Timonium and other shows for a few bucks each.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

Tim O'Connor asked:
Has anyone ever seen this model up close enough to say
if some part of it represents a PFE R-40-26? For example
if the sides are good, I could toss the roof, ends and
floor and use Intermountain or other replacement parts.

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