Re: Branchline reefer sides, was Timonium report

Rob Adams


I have not found that enlarging the holes is sufficient to provide for proper fit of the sides. I've built several of the BL reefers and have resorted to clipping off the location pegs on the sides and then reducing the thickness of the sides slightly by sanding (I glue or tape a sheet of 150 grit sandpaper to a wood block). One must work slowly to avoid thinning them too much, and frequently test fit the sides for proper fit. Minor adjustment of the corners may be required. I also remove any paint from the carbody side so that solvent cements will work effectively.

I've found this re-work produces excellent fitting sides. In my opinion, the Branchline reefer is fun to assemble and produces a gorgeous model (especially when augmented with some easy upgrades like wire grabs, cut levers, retainer, etc.). It is unfortunate that the problem of the side fit has not been addressed, as it probably puts off some of our less determined colleagues.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

Bill Welch wrote:

On the subject of the BL reefer, is all I have to do to make the sides fit
is open up the index holes on the body box sides?

Bill Welch

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