Re: Branchline reefer sides, was Timonium report

Rob Adams


Thanks. I stand corrected. Kudos to Bill and BL for fixing that shortcoming. That's an awesome kit, and it's great news for HO modelers. My experiences with the BL reefer are obviously with the early production. I've built a half a dozen and the bad news is I bought so many that I may not need more. (Though the thought of building one without having to monkey with adjusting the sides may be sufficient motivation.) I really like their kits and sometimes regret that I've settled on modeling in the 1930's as it precludes me from needing any of their sweet 40' and 50' AAR cars. If only they would do another early car, like the 1932 AAR box cars so that I could have some more of their freight car models!

Thanks again for your clarification.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

Ed Hawkins wrote:

On Monday, June 21, 2004, at 07:46 AM, Rob Adams wrote:

I've found this re-work produces excellent fitting sides. In my
opinion, the Branchline reefer is fun to assemble and produces a
gorgeous model (especially when augmented with some easy upgrades like
wire grabs, cut levers, retainer, etc.). It is unfortunate that the
problem of the side fit has not been addressed, as it probably puts off
some of our less determined colleagues.
Actually, BT did address the fit problem with the sides. They made some
modifications to the tooling setup such that the side inserts fit into
the depressions of the car body much better than before. The problem
never was with the side inserts, but rather the angle of the facing
surface on the car body. This surface wasn't quite plumb, causing the
right edges of the sides to have a gap at the corners. I have received
some "reruns" of URTX cars that have a proper fit. I can only presume
that these new WRX cars (GB&W) will be the same. Perhaps Bill Schneider
can comment on this, except that he's likely chin-deep in Pullman car
models at the moment.
Ed Hawkins

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