FtDDMS Howe truss boxcars

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a model of a Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Howe
truss boxcar, and after some research several questions have arisen.

All the photos I've located show these cars in 1969 in company service
with low numbers, specifically 12 and 27. Previously these were Rock
Island 133000-133999 (built 1927), and may have been FtDDMS 8000-8138
upon arrival in 1949. Is this the case?

None of the photos I have show the handbrake, and the RI photo I found
is a builder's photo, showing a vertical brake staff. Does anyone
know what sort of handbrake was used when these cars were delivered to
the FtDDMS?

The photos are unclear as to the color of the roof, but it may be
black. How did the FtDDMS paint boxcar roofs in the approximately
1949-1969 period?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Heiden

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