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Schuyler Larrabee

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get plain sheet lead flashing . . .
Roll out a bit and cut off what you need.
Whets the best way to cut lead sheet. I wanted
to replace the
slope sheet weights on some hoppers with lead
sheet. I found
it difficult to cut to any specific shape

Hey, Gize!
Let's go easy on all this lead business. It is
TOXIC. Eats your brain. Sure you can wash your
hands after you've been working with it, but
that's not sufficient. It's absorbed through the
skin, it emits vapors from being handled, and if
you melt it, as some have suggested for
lost-plaster casting, it's vapors are absorbed
directly through your lungs. Lead dust from
filing and cutting it gets into your body via
lungs, mouth, and skin. And it doesn't go away.
Once it, it ain't coming out.

Making slope sheets from sheet lead isn't really
worth it, gains about 0.5 oz. (I know, I have done
it.) Much better to buy the already-cast weights
available on the market. I know about weights
available from REBOXX (yep, I know them
personally, but financial benefit to me? Not a
chance!) and I know there is at least one other
supplier out there with a large range of shapes
and sizes.

Ned, if you really wanna get that lead cut to the
right shape, the most effective way to cut it is
with a knife. But I certainly don't do that any


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