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Let's go easy on all this lead business. It is
TOXIC. Eats your brain. Sure you can wash your
hands after you've been working with it, but
that's not sufficient. It's absorbed through the
skin, it emits vapors from being handled, and if
you melt it, as some have suggested for
lost-plaster casting, it's vapors are absorbed
directly through your lungs. Lead dust from
filing and cutting it gets into your body via
lungs, mouth, and skin. And it doesn't go away.
Once it, it ain't coming out.
This is mostly hogwash. Lead's vapor pressure, even in the liquid state, is remarkably small and lead vapor is most certainly NOT a danger. It does NOT emit vapor as a solid. Lead compounds can in some cases be absorbed by the skin, but metallic lead is not dangerous in that way. The one real danger in this list is lead dust from filing, which is dangerous to ingest. I fully support warnings about dangerous aspects of modeling, but this one "ain't coming out" correctly.

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