Gun Flats

Paul Kattner

I am currently researching the PRR's F23/F22 Gun flats. I plan to model three of them. One will be the one that the MC&CL acquired and converted into a snowplow/line car (an F23, the last gun flat in existance as far as I have been able to find out-should be in a museum) and the other two will be carrying a large naval cannon. It looks to me like there isn't a whole lot else needed to create a layout quality basically accurate model from this kit other than replacing the trucks, adding a new deck, and reshaping the side sills. Should be and excellent opertunity to learn how to make Rivets. Does anyone know what would be the appropriate Arch bar trucks for this car? I think that Tichy's 100 ton arch bars would be the closest but am not 100% sure. What type of H-O scale trucks would be most suitable for these flats after Archbars were outlawed for the F23? Also what is the closest availible trucks to the ones used on the -22. According to prr.railfan.nets page on the F22, they were equipped with a 2F-F2 truck on the -23 and a 2F-F1 on the -22.

Also, does any one know of any photos on line or have published that show these cars loaded with cannon? I have found builders photos at

I know that Railworks is coming out with brass versions of these cars, but I am on a bit of a budget and would rather spend that kind of money on things that have trolley poles.

Thanks in Advance
Paul Kattner
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