Re: IHB railroad.

Arnold van Heyst

It's in the shopping cart.
Thanks to you all.


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Tim Gilbert wrote:
"The Indiana Harbor Belt, however, listed no boxcars in the
January 1943 ORER, but listed two series, the #10000-10599 &
#10600-10999, in the April 1949 ORER - meaning that both series had
been acquired between 1943 & 1949 - exactly when I do not know."

IHB 10000-10599, built 3/44
IHB 10600-10999, built 4/44

A summary of 1937 AAR and Modified 1937 AAR boxcars is posted on
Culotta's website at

Additionally, Terry Link has a summary of NYC freight cars by lot
number and road number at

Getting back to Arnold's original question, the model looks legit.

Ben Hom

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