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Tom Gloger

--- Douglas Harding <> wrote:
As my Jacob E. Decker & Son's Meat Packing plant is going
on line at the next op session, I need to produce waybills.
Does anyone know where all the meat from the meat packing
plants of the midwest went?
According to Charles C. Colby's "Economic Geography" (1940
edition) packing houses with a nation-wide business employed
two methods of selling. Most was sold through branch houses,
to which meat was shipped in carload lot. The other method
was "car routes," in which a salesman from a packing center
(or branch house) solicited orders in towns along a railroad
leading out from his city. The orders were filled from a
reefer dispatched over the same route once or twice a week.

I don't know whether the reefer was set out at each town or
the train waited while the meat was unloaded. Anyone know
how this was handled?

Oh, don't forget to ship those by-products: hides, bones, hair,
etc. Especially the etc.

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