Re: broken plastic parts (was charter revision)

Tim O'Connor

Manfred wrote

Last year I got my sample of the quality when I bought the NP
convention car. I had to dig through 5 boxes before I found one with
acceptable roofwalks whose grids were not partly filled and then I
later discovered that I only exchanged that for broken, bent and
short-shot ladders and brake lines and a not too good a decal
(printing) job.
Although I have never had any paint or printing problems with
Branchline cars, I guess I have low expectations when it comes
to plastic detail parts -- I am never surprised to find broken
ladders, flash-filled running boards, etc. But it doesn't bother
me because for years I replaced so much stuff that I have a good
supply of spare parts -- in most cases, better than what comes
in the kits. And since I always use etched parts to represent
metal running boards, I have a huge supply of plastic boards. I
am surprised they shipped replacement parts in a soft envelope.
Sounds like somebody screwed up.

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