Re: buying direct


Don wrote:

"I think you misunderstand something, Eric. With a normal 50% plus 10%
distributor discount structure the manufacturer gets 45% of the suggested
retail price."

I was under the impression that when an item MSRPs for $10.00 then the retailer has gotten it from
the wholesaler for about $5.00. The Wholesaler has gotten it from the manifacturer for about $2.50
or about 25% of the MSRP.

Is the hobby industry that different?

"You can refer to Walthers as the Milwaukee Mafia if you like, and there
have been days when their occasional high-handed manner would prompt me to
agree with you,"

I was being faceteous. That and that I just got a visit from Phil 'knuckles' Walthers informing me
there is no such thing as the mafia. ;-)

"but in the overall they do a better job with and for smaller
manufacturers such as N.E.R.S. than any other distributor out there. Most
distributors only want the Athearn, Atlas, M.D.C. and Life-Like sized
manufacturers and won't even talk to smaller firms."

I agree with that.



Don Valentine

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