Seeking MP Models, was Re: Need help identifying boxcar

Mark Heiden

Are models available of MP 93000-93999, 90500-91249 or 94000-95249?
Oddballs makes a set of decals (set 270) for the 94000-95249 series,
but I haven't found a model yet. At the least, are those ends
available as a part?


--- In, Ted Culotta <tculotta@s...> wrote:
I have to go with Tim on this one. The car in question has top hung
doors. The NP cars referenced had Camel No. 50 door fixtures which the
WAG car does not. In addition, the top of the ends on the NP cars are
straight across with the roof sitting on top of this straight line.
The MP cars had radial roofs that had the typical radial roof end eaves
that were like two crescent shapes, as on this WAG car. The
Dreadnaught ends on the NP cars were clearly typical Dreadnaught ends
with the main corrugations extending outward. The MP cars' ends were
somewhat recessed, like those on the WAG car. Finally, the NP cars had
Miner Ideal hand brakes. The MP cars had Ajax, like the one shown in
the picture. I concur with Tim and think it's an ex-MP 93000-93999,
which had Ajax hand brakes. It could be MP 90500-91249 or 94000-95249
with a replacement Ajax hand brake, but that's less likely.

Ted Culotta

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