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I too like the Accumate scale coupler. I did not like the Accumate standard
coupler. All too often it would jam open. The narrow draft gear box on the
scale version seems to prevent this. Thus I see little downside to this
scale size, good looking coupler. The Kadee 58 has a noticeable gap between
the knuckle and the "fist", which is why I have stopped using them.

When no draft gear box is provided, the Accumate scale coupler has become my
coupler of choice.


Andy Miller

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Andy Miller feels that all coupler boxes should be made to fit Kadee
couplers (and clones).

As a general statement for Kadee-size couplers, and as a practical
matter, Andy is exactly right. However, Accumate Proto scale-sized
couplers use a scale-sized (much smaller) coupler box that is both
integral to the coupler (a true distinction), and moreover, it has a
superior appearance.
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