Kadde boxes, was BLI Hopper Mods

Manfred Lorenz

--- In STMFC@..., Andy Harman <andy10@g...> wrote:
By the time I was regularly
using Kadees (1969-70) the problem had been solved and the Kadee "5
and 10"
would fit most Athearn rolling stock. That design did change
though - the
boxes were made slightly shorter at some point. I'm not sure when
bevel on the edge of the box came about, but I'm quite certain I
can find
Kadee "5 and 10" boxes from the 1970s and they are different,
slightly, from the current ones.
I assume you are refering to the triangular portion of Kadee's
coupler box bottom part that makes it wider at the bottom?

I have always wondered what this feature is good for. I think these
couplers have already enough play inside their box. Creating more
looks counterintuitive for me.


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