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Kert Peterson <kertp@...>

On 7/12/2004, Tim O'Connor, responding to Andy Miller, wrote:

Ugh!! You would ruin the appearance of a steam locomotive with
a wide, way out of scale coupler pocket opening? No, thanks! I
think all steam locomotives (and freight cars for that matter)
should be made to accept scale size draft gear or at least be
easily convertible to scale size. If people don't demand better
couplers and draft gear, the manufacturers will never build 'em
that way.

I also asked the folks at Precision Scale Co. why they built such a gorgeous N&W M2 locomotive that did not include a working front coupler. I was told that they (i.e., PSC) make an operating scale coupler that can be fitted to the front of their brass locomotives. Part number is: HO-32048. Since it is listed as an "AAR Common Standard Full Working Coupler", I wonder if these would work on freight cars as well (I didn't think to ask at the time). Have you, or anyone else on the list, tried to fit these couplers to locomotives and/or cars? What are they compatible with (as far as coupling)?

Personally, I like the ProtoAccumates for my freight cars, but would love to find an operating front coupler for my brass steam locomotives, especially a scale-size operating coupler.

Kert Peterson
Fircrest, WA

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