Re: Ulrich GS Gondolas Update

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Dean Payne asked:
Is this model any different from the Red Caboose GS gondola?

Yes. The Ulrich car represents an Enterprise design built by General
American Car Co. for the SP as Classes G-50-9 (1923-24), G-50-10
(1925), G-50-11 (1926), and G-50-12 (1927). The Ulrich kit is the
only game in town for these cars.

The Red Caboose model represents SP Class G-50-22 built in 1948-49.
See p 124 in Vol 1 of Tony Thompson's SP Freight Car series for a
side-by-side photo of the earlier and later cars. Basically, the two
car classes are the same height, but the sides on the later cars
appear to extend lower than those on the earlier cars.

Ben Hom

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