Re: Kadde boxes, was BLI Hopper Mods

Schuyler Larrabee

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From: Manfred Lorenz

Manfred's writing about the triangular slope in
the bottom of the Kadee box:

I assume you are referring to the triangular
portion of
Kadee's coupler box bottom part that makes it
wider at the bottom?

I have always wondered what this feature is good
for. I think
these couplers have already enough play inside
their box.
Creating more looks counterintuitive for me.
Manfred, it's for those of us who actually USE the
delayed uncoupling feature. It allows the coupler
head to move laterally more easily in response to
the magnets so as to enable the "thumb-to-thumb"
engagement that the delayed uncoupling feature

That said, I usually glue in a piece of Evergreen
2x3 across the bottom face of the box, laid in on
the bottom of the box, so as to reduce the
vertical slop in the coupler. It also reduces the
contact between the underside of the shank, and
the bottom of the box, thereby reducing the
resistance to lateral movement enough to be


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