Re: TP boxcar

Tim O'Connor


Actually I think Frank Hodina & Martin Lofton have taken a lot of
flack over the years for this, and last year at Naperville I was
surprised to hear Frank talk about scribing his own board seams.
So hopefully the days of Evergreen horizontally ribbed wood box
cars are behind us! Now if we could just get rib of the vertical
Evergreen V grooves, we'd be all set.

Are you sure the T&P box car is wood? SP bought some cars (A-50-10)
at that time that were single sheathed, but all steel.

Someone a long time ago must have decided that the best way to model or
create a characterization of the real car was to use "V" groove material. I
guess the hobby has to live with this inaccurate convention.
Many modelers don't seem to know that it is wrong. Ignorance is bliss.

What, no wood grain? Where are the horizontal grooves so nicely replicated
by Evergreen?

Dave Nelson

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