Re: BLI Hopper Mods

Don Valentine

Quoting Kert Peterson <kertp@...>:

On 7/11/2004, Brian Chapman wrote (in response to my original post):

So, Kert, what kind of response did you get from the BLI people after
pointing out the difficulty with their coupler pockets? Anyone there
in authority, with clout?
There were two young fellows holding down the BLI booth. One of them
said the McHenry couplers they use have springs and he has had 60 cars
in a consist without the couplers breaking. He couldn't understand why
anyone would want to change them. I calmly explained my reasons for using
the couplers I use, to which he replied then I could just change them
out. Hmmmm.... Not too bright a candle here... I asked if he had tried
to change them out, and he said that he changed them out when the McHenry
couplers broke. I asked if he used Kadees, and he said that he could
put any coupler in the pocket. Without calling him a liar, I told him that
I didn't think he had tried to use couplers other than McHenry couplers in
the cars because McHenry couplers are the only ones that will fit.
I told both of them how much of their products I had bought up to now,
and let them know that I would buy no more until they started installing
working front couplers on their locomotives and coupler pockets that
would take Kadee couplers.

They thanked me for my comments. I won't hold my breath for any changes,
but then they shouldn't hold their wallet waiting for any more of my
money, either.

Thanks, Kert. That is what we needed to hear whether we like the
response you received or not.

Don Valentine

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