Re: BLI Hopper Mods

Don Valentine

Quoting Denny Anspach <danspach@...>:

Andy Miller feels that all coupler boxes should be made to fit Kadee
couplers (and clones).

As a general statement for Kadee-size couplers, and as a practical
matter, Andy is exactly right.

This may depend on which Kadee coupler box one desires. I can't even
recall the number of what I believe may have been the first Kadee coupler box.
This was the one with the small pin that fit into a slot in the coupler shank
that, in turn, had two springs with round inserts inside them that were
installed fore and aft of said pin. Even a young buck like you, Denny, should
remember that one (-: but may have overlooked it in your post.

Next we had the box for the standard #5. Now we have a more prototypical box
for the more prototypically shanked version of the #58, which IIRC is the #78.
Frankly, I'd just as soon see the new box for the smaller Kadee coupler become
the "standard". And as for those who complain about using a Kadee #5 on the
front of a steam locomotive I have a suggestion. Junk the Kadee box, cut the
coupler shank at the rearmost end of the square middle section, drill and tap
it for a 1 mm screw, or only the pin that holds the dummy coupler in the
coupler pocket of most brass imports and substitute the coupler with the
modified for the dummy brass one that probably came on the model. I've done
that for nearly forty years and have always been happy with both the visual and
operational results.

Don Valentine

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