Re: Scale McHenry, was Dummy pilot couplers

Rob Adams

I should probably clarify my previous comment just a bit....the reason I raised the issue of durabilty is that in my limited testing, I observed that rough handling of the Scale McHenry during installation (e.g. excessive pressure on the knuckle caused by squeezing or other forces) can cause the knuckle to ride over the raised stops and "lock" in tightly closed position. I suspect this could also be induced by very rough coupling in certain circumstances. It pops back out and seems to work fine afterward, though I suspect a high number of cycles of this abuse would eventually lead to performance problems. This characteristic would seem to be inherent in the engineering/design of that particular coupler and in no way connected to the material properties. I don't have any bias against plastic couplers and stand by my previous comments that the Scale McHenry has merit in certain installations.

In related message, Andy commented that he'd encountered problems with the Scale McHenry coupling with Kadee #58s. I've observed this on occasion as well, though it is not universal nor consistent, and my experience has been similar with the scale Accumate and 58s. It would seem that the ideal solution is still to have ONE coupler type on all equipment, but that isn't necessarily a practical one from the standpoint of installation issues.

Rob Adams

Jon Miller wrote:

For sure, it may not be as durable as the alternatives,<
I don't want this to get into a big discussion but here's the take on
plastic. There has been some extensive testing on engineering plastic
couplers that have found them to be equal to metal. It seems it's the
mishandling of them that will make them fracture. Reboxx soon will have out
some really nice scale couplers (and they are plastic). I'm guessing that
in a club environment, where the heavy 0-5-0 is the predominate uncoupling
method that metal "might" be better but in your home where you might want
really scale couplers that plastic will work ok.

Jon Miller
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