Re: BLI Hopper Mods

Schuyler Larrabee

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From: newrail@...

Don "older than dirt" Valentine sez:

can't even
recall the number of what I believe may have
been the first
Kadee coupler box.
This was the one with the small pin that fit
into a slot in
the coupler shank
that, in turn, had two springs with round
inserts inside them
that were
installed fore and aft of said pin. Even a young
buck like
you, Denny, should
remember that one (-: but may have overlooked it
in your post.

Don, 'at's a numbah foah.

I 'member usin' them when I was a mere tyke of 12
or there'bouts. Had the straight pin for the
mechan'c'l ramp, don'cha know?


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