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Don Valentine

Quoting "Alan C. Welch" <acwelch@...>:

Date: Mon Jul 12, 2004 6:11 pm
Subject: Re: [STMFC] CPR Fowler Cars

>> Probably the first CPR Fowler car received a Youngstown door in
>1929. It already had a Murphy roof. Photo at CPR Angus Shop.
> Al Welch

>If it already had a Murphy roof how can you be certain it was a
>Fowler car??? IIRC almost all Fowler cars constructed for the CNR

I believe the first FOWLER cars constructed for the CN were built in

Then by that fact alone you acknowledge that no new CNR car was a
"Fowler" car as use of that patent was found unnecessary and very expensive,
thus its discontinuance by Canadian carbuilders by the end of 1914 as noted.

>and CPR were originally constructed with wood roofs and all Domminion
>cars, which is what they really were, that made use of the Fowler patent
>were constructed by the end of 1914.

The car is a FOWLER because the slotted bolt holes are plainly visible.

If the slotted bolt holes are present I agree with you.

>Not long thereafter most of the cars were built new with Murphy
>or other metal roofs. Not being at home at the moment I do not
>have my files available to check more closely on dates.

The roof is of the type that was applied over the original, wood roof,
as was the case for so many CP FOWLER cars.

Then this same metal roof was probably installed on some Dominion cars as
well. What type do you feel it was?

>It is highly possible that the first CPR Dominion car received a
>Youngstown door in 1929. However, the first CPR blueprint found to
>date showing such a change seems to be the one for the upgrade program
>begun in early 1935 that called for Youngstown doors.

>Don Valentine

Al Welch

I should be at home tomorrow and, perhaps, better able to look into
some of this with you with my records present. Thanks for your input.

Don Valentine

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