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Don Valentine

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At 08:45 PM 7/14/2004 -0400, you wrote:
And then Denny wrote that the MKDs came out in

That means I was even tykier than I thought, musta
been about 9 or 10 . . .
I was born in 57, but I don't remember anything with Kadees until about
Up until that time, my dad's rolling stock (metal Athearn, MDC, and
mostly) had Mantua hook-and-loop couplers, and mine (Athearn plastic,
Mantua/Tyco, AHM, Varney) had horn hooks. I remember when my dad
"discovered" Kadees, and I was fascinated that they made them to fit
different coupler pockets. It seemed like fitting them into my Athearn
cars was a real pain, the bronze spring plate was wider than the box.
any rate, Kadees were a luxury.... some stuff never got them at all.
72, after my dad died and I built my first 4x6 semi-permanent layout, I
decided to go to Kadees on everything new - pretty much never turned
although I probably still have a few oddballs with horn hooks laying

I'm not sure how dad found out about Kadees, or why he never heard of
sooner - we always went to the same hobby shop. Maybe they just hadn't
really caught on yet. I just remember him putting them on an MDC metal
car and showing it to me, as a "brand new thing" circa 1964... and I
thought it was the coolest thing I ever saw.

Kadees never did conquer all the world, especially in scales other than
HO. Charlie Schwarm, an O-scale old-timer around here who passed away a
few years ago, used nothing but MDC knuckle couplers. I think he may have
even cast his own, long after they were out of production.

And then you guys know about Guilford Mack, of Tiger Valley models -
who still makes his own Mantua loop couplers :-)
Couplers are a funny thing, Andy. I know of at least two Master Model
Railroaders, both now deceased, who were still using Mantua loop couplers
into the late 1960's, in one case, and early 1970's, in the other case.
I think they both had so much equipment they just didn't want to change.

Don Valentine

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