Re: BLI Hopper Mods

Don Valentine

Quoting Schuyler Larrabee <>:

Don "older than dirt" Valentine sez:

I can't even
recall the number of what I believe may have
been the first
Kadee coupler box.
This was the one with the small pin that fit
into a slot in
the coupler shank
that, in turn, had two springs with round
inserts inside them
that were
installed fore and aft of said pin. Even a young
buck like
you, Denny, should
remember that one (-: but may have overlooked it
in your post.
Don, 'at's a numbah foah.

I 'member usin' them when I was a mere tyke of 12
or there'bouts. Had the straight pin for the
mechan'c'l ramp, don'cha know?

Well, Schuyler, you know how it is. Somedays it is hard to count
that high. But I gather you mean you were about twelve months when
us old duffers were using the "ought 4's". Thus I'm surprised you
could tell a straight pin from a diaper pin. I know, just annutha
wiz kid! (-:

Don Valentine

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