Re: A&W 3000-3009 (ex NWX?)

Mark Mathu

Thanks to those who identified these cars as possible MDT (I assume
Merchants Despatch Transportation?) cars. I will look into it and if
I find anything meaningful I will report back.

Clark Propst wrote...
You are correct in thinking these root beer cars are probably
not NWX cars.
One thing I'd like to point out -- the A&W cars were not root beer
cars! The A&W stood for Ahnapee & Western - Ahnapee was the name of
a Wisconsin port city. The A&W was built in 1892 and connected the
towns of Casco, Ahnapee (now Algoma) and Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin's
Door peninsula. Door County and the surrounding regions were big
cherry producing regions, and these cars were often used to ship
canned cherries to other parts of the country.

Roger Hinman wrote...
The bolster reinforcement, the end reinforcements and the
underbody all look to me that these are ex MDT wood reefers;
do you have any dimensional information on the cars?
That would nail it down, since the 41'5" end sill
dimension was fairly unique to MDT
I have October 1949 ORER information and it lists the outside length
as 41'-5" for A&W 3000, 3003 and 3004.

Other dimensions:
Inside 33'-0" between ice tanks, 8'-5" wide, 7'-3" high.
Outside 41'-5" long, 9'-9" wide at eaves, 10'-1" extreme width, 12'-
4" height to eaves, 13'-1" height to running board; 13'-11" extereme
Doors 4'-0" wide x 6'-4" high
1999 cu.ft, 70,000 pound capacity

Richard H. Hendrickson wrote...
Numerous distinctive details - underframe, side sills,
reinforced wood ends, hatch cover rests, etc. - identify
these reefers as former MDT cars.
I can provide scans of several photos of them in MDT service.
Richard -- if the offer is still open, I'd like to see the scans to
help me compare the identifying details. As consideration, here is a
LARGE (2.20MB) image of A&W 3004 (ca. 1953 - note that it is located
in front of the same structure as in one of the previous photos that
I posted):;W-N.jpg
(Because of storage issues I will only have this file posted a few

Mark Mathu
Whitefish Bay, Wis.

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