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Globe Fans,

For some reason the e-bay address didn't work so I cannot comment on what
was offered for auction. What I can comment on is the Globe 40ft. Single
Door boxcar sitting on my desk right now.

I bought the car about forty to fortyfive years ago and must have built it
then or a few years later. Mine is Globe #4300C Rock Island Alum. Box and it
came in an attractive brown and buff colored box with a photo of an SP
freight on the boxtop. The kit is stamped aluminum fastened to a wood core.
I'm pretty sure I glued the wood box together and pinned everything else to
the wood using pins furnished to be stuck through small tabs. Anyway it sure
looks like the Rock Island Express Box, still in shiny metal. We'll overlook
the fact that the side seams aren't right and probably many other details

Richard H. Berry
Warsaw, Indiana

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I owned a Globe boxcar I picked up someplace in the mid-1960s. Although
the technology was similar to the Athearn metal cars (stamped metal
parts), there were a lot of differences. The Globe car was made of
stamped aluminum over a wooden core, versus the Athearn's steel with
metal end formers. I never could get the car to stay together, since the
glues I had wouldn't hold the metal parts to the wooden core. I knew
nothing of Goo at that point. Kind of a shame too, as the car was very
attractive. It was a model of a GN aluminum-sided car (I don't know if
it was accurate, probably not), but the sides were unpainted metal with
the lettering crisply screened on, and the finish was quite realistic.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Park Varieties wrote:

From the "For What It Is Worth" Department:
To the best of my knowledge, Athearn never marketed any of the Globe
metal cars under the Athearn brand name . . .

. . . It is my understanding that the Globe tooling was never run in
production by Irv - he just saw an opportunity to eliminate a competitor.
You have to be careful about descriptions on eBay; many people do not really
know the differences between Globe and Athearn cars. Any comments or
corrections of this info. welcomed.

Frank Brua

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