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Garth, Shawn, Andy;

Garrett and I have been doing some talking. I went back and did a little
research. There are some tanks we could do by kit-bashing. I doubt anyone
is going to do the details for us, so we may have to do them ourselves.
But, you are right, we need some of these parts badly. Here is what I see
as us needing in the HO scale arena:

General service ICC103 GATC tank car or just frame; 8k size, maybe?
Complete insulated car would be great because we could swap/bash tanks;
separate dome so we could kitbash maybe some other tanks?

Various domes and dome details; fat insulated dome, 1% dome (103A/A-W and
B/B-W); A-N/A-N-W dome; A-AL/A-AL-W dome; C/C-W dome; stuffing box and dual
housing castings;

Riveted dome collars for 1% and 2% domes (various diameter ID/ODs to fit 8k
and 10k tanks)

Etched platforms/handrail stanchions/supports

Or, insulated tank car ends in a variety of diameters (or just one big one
that you could cut down). We'd need the one that has the riveted seam down
the middle, and one other.

What do you think?

Elden Gatwood

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Garth Groff wrote:

We could also use different shapes and sizes of domes,
including the riveted collar where domes joined the tank.
Amen to that. Especially needed are the large-diameter domes
as used on asphalt and chemical tank cars. Richard has hinted
that such a car is in the works, but I'd still like to see a
large diameter dome as a separate detail part in H.O. scale.

Shawn Beckert

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