Re: Tank Car Details

Shawn Beckert


That's a long list of parts. I agree that we need most if
not all of those items, but for now I'd settle for a large
dome, plus some vents and underbody details. One thing I'd
*really* like to see is a styrene X-3 underframe, either
built-up or as a mini-kit. Sunshine would sell a lot more
X-3 kits if we could just take all those ##%$#%^& bits and
pieces that make up the underframe and pitch them into the
outer darkness...

A GATX ICC-103 would be nice as a complete kit, since all
we have for this very common car is the brass version. But
you'll have to persuade some manufacturer to do them, not
an easy task these days.

Shawn Beckert

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