Re: Truss Rods

Rob Adams


I use the Grandt line turnbuckles, which are already cored for the truss rods. If you clip the end from the sprue cleanly, there should be no need to drill them. The Grandt Line parts are also typically included in Westerfield kits.

The biggest hazard I've encountered with them is accidentally sending one into a ballistic trajectory with an errant clip or a careless flip of the truss rod. More than an hour of my last vacation was spent on the floor scouring the carpet for a missing turnbuckle needed to complete the underframe of a Westerfield CB&Q XM-17 box car. The kit included exactly the number needed and I managed to beam one across the room. I was staying in a cabin in Northern Michigan with no hobby shops within driving distance that would stock such an item. The story had a happy ending though...turnbuckle found, underframe and model completed, but it taught me to always stock extras in my parts collection.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

major_denis_bloodnok wrote:

How do people drill the turnbuckles without indulging in indavertent
body piercing?

My fingers always seem to end up with more holes in the tips than
the turnbuckles get - about three pierced finger tips to one


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