Re: Erie "Fowler" box car herald color

Don Valentine

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--- In, Ted Culotta <tculotta@s...> wrote:
Al has just ensured us that a color photo showing yellow in the
diamond will appear within the week!

Indeed! I'm an Erie enthusiant and I have very few pictures of of
Erie Fowlers after WWII.

More likely is a picture of of a 93,000 series single sheathed box
car with a yellow diamond. There were almost 1000 of these in the
yellow diamond era.

Someone (John Nehrich?) called 93,000 series cars Fowlers. They are
36 ft. & single sheathed but they have pressed steel braces (rare on
a 36 ft. car) and were built in the '20s.

The Erie #93000 series are definitely not Dominion (or "Fowler") cars,
as you indicate, Ed. The #93000 were built in the summer of 1930, long after
use of the Fowler patent had been given up as expensive and unnecessary. In
addition to the pressed steel framing members the method of framing the ends
of these cars varies considerably from the Dominion cars. Clearly it descends
from them, however. I have three builder's photos of #93000 here in addition
to a good "A" end 3/4 of #93250 to compare to many Dominion car photos. The
photos of #93250, by-the-way, carries a 5-48 reweight date at "SA". Unlike
when built, the car now has the Erie diamond herald but it is all white.

Don Valentine

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