Re: Red Caboose HO Kits

Don Valentine

Quoting parkvarieties <>:

I just recived a new dealer newsletter from Red Caboose with the
following information which I am passing on as a public service

"Continuing to supply small number of HO kits to modelers leaves us
no alternative but to raise the price of kits by approximately 30%.
Some kits coming in the near future will see small increases but by
mid-September all decorated kits will be priced at approximately

Frank Brua

We save them the cost of transportation to and from Red China, plus the
cost of assembling the kits yet we are to accept a price increase for the
priviledge??? That tells one a lot about the type of folks running Red
Caboose. As was heard about Athearn quite often at the ARS Show in West
Springfield, Mass. last February by those unhappy with only being able to
acquire Athearn through Horizon Hobby, who needs Red Caboose???

Don Valentine

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