Re: Walthers 50-foot Express Reefer

Don Strack <donstrack@...>

Ed Hawkins wrote:

The Walthers web site states the models are due in November 2004.
Silly me. I was going by page 109 of the Walthers 2004 catalog.

Actually, I was looking for the car that matched the truck sold separately
on page 266, using the details of the car itself visible in the truck photo.
I found it on page 109. The other photos on page 109 sure look like they
might work for an inside swing hanger 5' 6" UP caboose truck, although they
do look to be a bit long in the wheelbase.

On page 109, they say that the prototype for the express reefer was first
ordered in 1957.

Thanks Ed. I guess I'll simply have to wait...or find my caboose trucks

I just got some of the new Trix UP CA-3 cabooses, with proper raised roof
panels. Just trying to get away from the wood beam trucks, which the
prototype lost in 1954-1956. Nice models, wrong (too early) trucks. The roof
panels are done better that the earlier model from Centralia, as are the end
hand rails. I can fix the lack of center sill real easy, and here's a chance
to use either Accurail Proto scale couplers and draft gears, or Kadee #78s.
Life is good.

Don Strack

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