Re: Walthers 50-foot Express Reefer

Ed Hawkins

On Monday, July 19, 2004, at 05:29 PM, Denny Anspach wrote:

A quick question directed to Ed Hawkins (and anyone else who might know)-

Main Line models produced for many years a Milwaukee Road URTX
General American Express refrigerator car #48330 that was decorated
with silk screened orange sides, a maroon fascia board lettered THE
MILWAUKEE ROAD , and ??black roof and underframe. The car is
actually pretty handsome , and the decoration, real or bogus looks
quick appropriate.

Athearn apparently copied Main Line and brought out an identical car
in molded plastic.

Ed, in your GARX research, did you find any hint that a car such as
this actually existed? No one yet in the Milwaukee historical fold
has yet been able to substantiate it.
I guess I haven't been lucky enough to run across a photo of this car yet. I don't know what year the car was supposed to be "valid" but I checked the 1/52 ORER and there are a grand total of two cars listed in the series 40950-50699 and they are 40' reefers. While I can't say with absolute certainty, I'd guess the model is something that the manufacturer thought would sell.
Ed Hawkins

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