Yellow ERIE diamonds on hoppers. Yes

Schuyler Larrabee

There have been parallel and somewhat intertwined
threads on the STMFC and the erielack lists, about
yellow ERIE diamonds on freight cars. Still not
much on boxcars, though there were some, briefly,
but on hoppers, here's an interesting citation by
Larry DeYoung:

"Based on a video of a D&H train (I think JMJ's
"Vintage Rails Volume 1") with a clear but short
scene of an Erie hopper with a yellow logo right
behind a Challenger on Ararat, I am satisfied that
some Erie offset hoppers had yellow logos. I
suspect it was a very short-lived thing, perhaps
one order of cars, just as it was with the box
cars that ACF built for the Erie immediately after


Forwarded by SGL

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