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Dave Nelson wrote:

5210 unread STMFC messages and I have to pick one that causes me to crawl
under tables to reach two 10 pound books... And the answer is: "Nothing".
Wanda had not issued any debt that was held by the public in either 1947 or
1954, which covers my two copies of Moody's Industrials.

Dave Nelson
Wanda Petroleum was not listed in the 1958 Industrial Manual either.

Tim Gilbert

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We're having a discussion over on the baby boomer list about Wanda Petroleum
(Houston, Texas) and its fleet of tank cars.
I've been on the net this morning looking for references to Wanda Petroleum
and have found very little.

Could one of you people with access to a Moody's Industrial please look up
this company? I'd like to pin down when Wanda actually came into existence -
during or after the steam era?


Shawn Beckert

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