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Ian Cranstone

On 20-Jul-04, at 1:11 PM, Beckert, Shawn wrote:

We're having a discussion over on the baby boomer list about
Wanda Petroleum (Houston, Texas) and its fleet of tank cars.
I've been on the net this morning looking for references to
Wanda Petroleum and have found very little.

Could one of you people with access to a Moody's Industrial
please look up this company? I'd like to pin down when Wanda
actually came into existence - during or after the steam era?
I had a quick look through my listing of reporting marks, and the first reference to Wanda Petroleum doesn't occur until the January 1969 issue when they listed VPCX reporting marks (these had belonged to the Virginia Petroleum Corp.). These reporting marks were eliminated in the October 1970 issue.

The second reference occurs in the October 1971 issuer, when they added LEYX reporting marks, again under the Wanda Petroleum Co. (these had belonged to the Falley Petroleum Co.). LEYX reporting marks were eliminated with the July 1990 issue.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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