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Tim and List,

There are three people who I know that did not get their kits after they sent their money. Your are one and the other two are Ben Hom and John Riddell. I saw John at Timonium and he said that he had spoke on the telephone with Gjermundson regarding his missing kits. He said that Gjermundson had advised him that he had been involved in a divorce and was back in college. There was to my knowledge, no mention of when he would get around to finishing the kits he owed John or anyone else.

Whether he furnish the remaining outstanding kits or repay those who did not get them, I do not know, but perhaps it is time that we remind him of the outstanding debt!

On a lighter note, look for your registration forms from Martin Lofton (Sunshine Models) for the Naperville seminar in October. Those of us on the mailing list should have them soon.

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Tim O'Connor wrote:

Bruce Smith wrote

And then I can get BACK to work on the A. Gjermundson NP truss rod
stock car kit that I STARTED for the truss rod project!!
Dang! I had almost forgotten about those! I paid for two kits
and never received anything, not even an email. Does anyone know
what become of Mr. Gjermundson and his kits? Has he fled the
country yet?
Tim O'Connor
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