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Howard's not doing darkroom work an more (age & health). But he is selling a
photo CD with every NKP image in his collection. $40 direct (at least to
NKPHTS members. I'm not sure if it's gone up) for 500+ images. Howard's
email is NKP4@.... He's currently working on a W&LE photo CD, and might
also make CDs of the rest of his collection.

The CD has something like seven shots of 8099, including three at
Noblesville. Chances are good that your photo made it onto the disc!

The car is fully restored, and occasionally sees service on photo freights,
along with a NKP/W&LE X29 clone.

Ray Breyer

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Ted, Ray and friends:

Ray's notes on Amelings's photos jogged my memory. I'm pretty sure the
car I saw was 8099, and I shot it at Noblesville in 1978 while on the
way to visit the traction museum there, though the car was in
Noblesville and still on the old NKP line. In fact, Howard has one of my
two negatives, though apparently from what Ray says, is not offering
copies (I gave him permission, but maybe it isn't sharp enough; it was
shot with an ancient Kodak Signet rangefinder).

Ted notes that these were renumbered by the N&W to the 208000 series.
When it found the car, it was still lettered NKP 8099. Obviously some of
the cars were never repainted.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Ted Culotta wrote:

On Jul 22, 2004, at 6:22 AM, Ray Breyer wrote:

That would have either been the 8099 or 8166. 8099 is currently at
Noblesville, but who knows what happened to 8166. Howard Ameling has
of 8166 wandering through the rust belt in the 1970s (Waterville 1970,
Findlay 1972, Noblesville 1978).

20 of these cars were converted to coke cars in 1958 and renumbered
I think Big Four Graphics has a photo of 122 in the 1960s. Any idea
the N&W took them off the roster?

Here is what I have on these cars:

-- P-S Lot 5766; Superior 7-panel doors
-- In 1956, 20 cars had roofs removed and were rebuilt into coke cars
-- 100 cars rebuilt 9-10/1964 into 8200-8299 series with steel sides
and 9' Improved Youngstown doors- underframe, ends and roof remain
-- 8000-8199 became N&W class B37 #208000-208199, 120-139 became N&W
#200120-200139, 8200-8299 became N&W #208200-208299

Ted Culotta

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