Re: "Limited Runs" and the STMFC Membership

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

I think any entepreneur could handle the whole thing but I suspect doing the
shipping would get "old" very, very quickly. And of course, "overstock" to

Hey, a question to Marty: You said anything over 90 days is dead inventory.
Ever try and move it on eBay?

Dave Nelson

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I envision this as a sort of "kit-of-the-month" club, though it would
probably be more like "kit-of-the-year". Obviously a lot of details would
have to be worked out, like who would take custody of the shipment of kits,
who would collect the money, and how would the kits be distributed to the
But it might be a solution to the phenomenon called "The Vanishing Era of
Kit Building".

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