Cars of Interest - Pennsy Steam Years Volume 1

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In a vain attempt to talk about Steam Era Freight Cars, here are
various cars of interest spotted in the background of photos in David
Sweetland's Pennsy Steam Years, Volume 1:

p 10: Kings Park, NY (Long Island), 11/11/1954
N&W twin hopper (only last two digits in car number "84" visible,
possibly Class HL) and DL&W Keyser Valley rebuilt steel boxcar behind

p 19: Camden, NJ, 2/26/1953
PRR Class H21A hopper (no number visible) in background is clearly a
returnee from the group leased to the N&W. The N&W lettering and
leasing stencil have been painted out and fresh PRR reporting marks
and CK have been applied to the car.

p 38: Cape Charles, VA (Eastern Shore), 4/13/1950
M-K-T 71326 ("Bettendorf" single sheathed boxcar) in very dirty
yellow paint

p 77: PINE Interlocking (PA), 11/10/1956
An IC 67000-series offset twin hopper, very conspicuous in a cut of
Pennsy hoppers

p 80: MIFFLIN Interlocking (PA), c. 1/1956
Two Class X23 boxcars in work service, one gray, one yellow

p 88: Altoona, PA (ROSE Interlocking), 11/11/1952(?)
An orange NH boxcar in the far background. My sources indicate that
these cars didn't receive this scheme until 1955. I suspect the
caption is incorrect, as a freshly painted H21A in SK can be seen in
the other photos taken on the same day.

p 91: Altoona, PA (12th St), c. 1948
GN 26064, a 40 ft DS truss rod boxcar in clean paint clearly showing
black ends and red roof.

p 98: Horseshoe Curve, c. 10/1952
Focus of the photo is the J1 leading the train, but there's an
Ontatio Northland boxcar right behind the locomotive.

It's amazing what you notice even in photos that you've seen before
several times!

Ben Hom

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