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What percentage should one allow for shipping to and from
China?Armand premo

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Interesting. According to a google search the average automobile price
in 1960 was $2749, so if I go to the dealer I should demand a fully
loaded Ford Excursion for $12,315 (4.48 x 2749) cuz all the extra bits
are Ford's problem, not mine...

Either we should all invest heavily in stock of RC, IM and Branchline
because they must be making money faster than Microsoft on their
inflated prices, or maybe the cost of those extra bits is our problem
if they go out of business by not meeting costs.

The equivilent of the old Athearn/MDC models would seem to be
Accurail, and they are in the $10-$12 dollar range. The closest
equivlent to the high-end kits were Central Valley, North Eastern,
etc. Craftsman kits, and they cost considerably more than Athearn and
MDC in their day as well. Why should a "high-end" kit today cost the
same as an average or below average kit did way back when?

Pieter Roos

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<SNIP> -- cuz frankly the extra costs in
tooling, (assembly, if done), packing, and amortization are your all
problems, not the consumers.

I for one do put value on the increase in tooling quality... and no
whatsoever on someone other than myself doing the assembly, even if
better at it than I am. On that score Branchline comes up smelling
roses and Red Caboose like, well, what comes to mind is the scent of
Longmont's infamous organically processed hay on a hot, windless

Dave Nelson

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First Dave, let's look apples to apples ....

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